Downstage Right empowers young actors through drama classes that focus on personal expression, empathy, and play, as well as through individualized, holistic college audition coaching that honors students' humanity alongside their artistry

Downstage Right believes in hiring faculty who are not only professional working artists, but also thoughtful educators. Our pedagogy is student driven, rigorous, and creative. We believe in adapting our curriculum as the theatre and education professions grow, change, and advance. Thus, Downstage Right supports faculty in continuing their own education as lifelong learners and artists.

Downstage Right views diversity as a strength. We are currently fostering the diversity of our faculty and student body through two initiatives. Our faculty is working closely with a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion specialist to undergo trainings, develop inclusive hiring processes, and build a curriculum where all students can flourish. Our college audition counseling program is also pleased to offer tailored counseling to students with special needs.

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